On Friday morning at 8:30 am I was westbound between Elko and Battle Mountain Nevada, basically in the middle of nowhere. Looking at the sky about 4 miles ahead, I recognized what I have seen twice prior on I-80, the NHP bear-in-the-sky. However this time they set up shop in a different location.

At the time I was testing the mileage on my new car (this was it's maiden voyage) and was driving at a painfully slow 65 mph where I am usually doing 90. I then came up on an access road over-crossing, and saw about 4 NHP cars all lined up and ready for action. Oh yes, it is the Friday before Easter - the usual holiday excuse to cash in on speeders in the middle of the desert.

What was funny though was that I saw no cars ahead or behind me as far as I could see, which was probably 2-3 miles. It was too early in the morning and too much in the "middle of Nevada" for anyone to be there. I saw no one pulled over. I have previously seen the Nevada Air Force twice prior just east of Elko, where they had lots of customers.

Spot where NHP vehicles were lined up (westbound onramp)

battle mountain, nv - Google Maps