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    Default Oregon Road Trip Report

    Well, this could have been posted in several sections, but I'll summarize it all here. (Even a Redline laser save).

    I traveled from Portland south to Grants Pass and back via I-5. On my way south, nothing to report. No radar, zip.

    On the way back north this afternoon/evening, a whole other story. For the first 100 miles I ran my camera and went about +15PSL, doing 80-83ish in the posted 65. No enforcement. As I neared Eugene, the twilight made it difficult to spot parked LEOs. As I got near town, the speed limit is reduced to a ridiculous 55 MPH, where it should be 70. The road is flat and straight with few exits and on-ramps. Anyway, I reduced to low 70's in the 55 zone, one guy following at same speed.

    Then it happened, Redline alerts to laser. Holy crap... I thought I was toast. I let go of the gas pedal and down-shifted my rental car, a Chevy Impala. My follower changed lanes due to my sudden drop in speed. I could not locate the LEO, but the laser alert was still going. Then I made him out in the darkness, center divide, parked sideways. The passenger seat LEO with laser gun in hand. My follower made him out too and dropped speed. Out pulls the LEO, lights on, pulls over my follower. Seems that my reduction in speed and the other guy changing lanes to fast lane and passing made the difference. My first time as a target with laser.

    A mile later and another LEO opposite direction is running X-band. Yup, X-band. My Redline was at full alert, sounded weird as I never heard that tone before, the full alert X. A half hour later I was on the phone with my son, talking about the laser experience, when I passed ANOTHER LEO running laser. This time the guy was standing beside his car center divide, pointing laser downrange. I was at PSL so not a big deal. Anyway, I think Oregon is in love with laser.

    I did see a second cop on the opposite side of Eugene with a car pulled over. No telling if he used laser or radar.

    I encountered no K or Ka on the interstate, and just the one X-band hit.

    Though I was recording video, the laser save was during mid-twilight and really nothing much to look at, just the audio of the Redline laser alert, so I won't bother posting it... Anyway, an interesting afternoon. For those who live here, you guys absolutely have to get fitted with a LJ.

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    Default Re: Oregon Road Trip Report

    There is a small city/town called Roseburg (I think) that is a well known speed trap. It is on I-5 between Portland and Eugene. That is probably who lasered you.

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    Default Re: Oregon Road Trip Report

    yup the ghetto drug towns, 55 through eugene ya stupid tell me bout it i ride my sandrails qauds to dunes to coast through there

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    Default Re: Oregon Road Trip Report

    There is a small city/town called Roseburg (I think) that is a well known speed trap. It is on I-5 between Portland and Eugene. That is probably who lasered you
    I grew up in Roseburg. Roseburg is about 50 miles South of Eugene.



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