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    Default LEO's jurisdiction on interstate hwy

    Does anyone know how to find out whether local town cops or county sheriffs in a given town or county have jurisdiction on a given stretch of interstate highway?

    That is, just because he's out on the highway writing tickets, does not necessarily mean that he has jurisdiction there.

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    Default Re: LEO's jurisdiction on interstate hwy

    Call the state police and ask them. They are most likely to give you a straight and authoritative answer. But a county can write anywhere in their county limits, and a city cop may write anywhere in his corporate limits. A school cop (in Texas at least) may write anywhere in the town where his school(s) is/are located.

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    Default Re: LEO's jurisdiction on interstate hwy

    2nd on calling the state police of the jurisdiction in question.

    Some states limit troopers to just he highway, some disallow the city cops to be able to issue tickets on the highway, some have statewide authority, some allow those police powers to extend, but disallow ticket writing.

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    Default Re: LEO's jurisdiction on interstate hwy

    In the state of Indiana, a sworn police officer can write traffic tickets anywhere in the state, on any road or highway. This is something that will vary state by state. IIRC in Ohio, a township police officer may not write traffic tickets on state highways.


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    Default Re: LEO's jurisdiction on interstate hwy

    In Texas municipalities have jurisdiction over all roadways that are in the city limits.




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