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    Default Anyone from MN? Radar question

    Is anyone here from the Twin Cities area, and surrounding suburbs?

    I've noticed a lot of the LEO's around here shooting Ka-band only (several departments), which makes me think some of the departments around here aren't equipped with any type of Laser radar.

    Seeing how it's illegal in MN to have laser jammers I was wondering if you've ever gotten a Laser alert on any detector?

    I'll have to go over to the neighbor LEO's house and bring up a convo about what types of radar equipment the local PD is outfitted with since nobody has a clue on the CB around here.

    Any insight would be helpful!


    EDIT: Can somebody please move this to the Local and Regional forum! Posted in the wrong window on my browser! thanks
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    Default Re: Anyone from MN? Radar question

    You can get around the Laser Jammer law in Minnesota by having a kill switch for you LJ. The kill switch is the way to go.



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