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    Default Tennessee Super Speeder Law

    My home state is trying to follow GA with their form of the super speeder law.

    TN Senate passes 'super speeder' bill Knoxville News Sentinel

    Looks like the House may have killed it committee!

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    Default Re: Tennessee Super Speeder Law

    Oh boy... i hope not. I love to burn it up on 81, and i come down through TN a lot.

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    Default Re: Tennessee Super Speeder Law

    He said the bill is needed because Tennessee court rulings have found that excessive speed alone is not enough to charge motorists with reckless driving.
    that's because speeding is not reckless

    The move to add penalties also comes amid dwindling ticket citations issued by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Troopers wrote half as many speeding tickets in 2008 as in 2001.
    isn't that a good thing? less tickets means less speeders right? and safer roads

    I am thinking this is a case of the state losing money to reduced tickets so they want to increase the fines. smells like another revenue grab in the name of "safety"
    Rod Blagojevich: I'm Lawful, 'Feel Free' To Tape Me

    chad dornsife for president in 2012!!!



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