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    Default Texas to Alabama - Road Trip Summary

    This past weekend I drove to Alabama with the family to go visit some relatives for the 4th of July. We stayed on I-10 and I-12 the whole time until we got to Alabama. We packed my mom's 9500i and headed out. Here's a summary of what I encountered in each state:


    No action until we got near Beaumont. After Beaumont, we ran into two TX DPS troopers running I/O Ka 34.7. One of them was practically half a mile from the border.


    As soon as we crossed into LA, there was a LA state trooper there to greet us running C/O Ka 34.7. No offense to any LA residents here but I'm going to have to nickname Louisiana the lazy state when it comes to traffic enforcement simply because every LEO (state police, sheriffs, etc) was running C/O. Not only that but none of them were creative at all. Their tactics were predictable: they would either sit on the side of the open road (wouldn't even bother hiding) and run C/O or they'd run rolling C/O from the other side of the road. I will admit that LA flooded the interstate with more LEOs than any other state we crossed so we ran into one every 5-10 miles. Here were some of our encounters:

    C/O Ka 35.5:

    [ame=]YouTube - Escort 9500i vs. C/O Ka 35.5[/ame]

    ^^NOTE: the frequency of this encounter was Ka 35.436 The most out of tune radar unit I've ever run into.

    C/O Ka 34.7:

    [ame=]YouTube - Escort 9500i vs. C/O Ka 34.7[/ame]

    Forward Facing C/O Ka 34.7:

    [ame=]YouTube - Escort 9500i vs. Forward Facing C/O Ka 34.7[/ame]


    Quiet until we got near Biloxi. One trooper was running C/O Ka 34.7. Besides that, we cruised along to Alabama.


    We get off of I-10 at Daphne and there is a Daphne LEO waiting for us running I/O Ka 35.5. Going through Foley, we run into one local running C/O Ka 33.8. That would be our last encounter and we arrive at Gulf Shores.

    Going back home, it was quiet going through Alabama and Mississippi. We ran into a couple staties with customers but that was it. In Louisiana, quiet until we reached Lafayette; we ran into a LEO there running C/O Ka 34.7. At the Texas/Louisiana border, there wasn't a soul there.

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    Default Re: Texas to Alabama - Road Trip Summary

    You got to love that when you can get those great videos.

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    Default Re: Texas to Alabama - Road Trip Summary

    Nice videos, what setup to you have to capture and keep the camera so steady?

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    Default Re: Texas to Alabama - Road Trip Summary

    Quote Originally Posted by Kage_ View Post
    Nice videos, what setup to you have to capture and keep the camera so steady?
    For the first and third video, I used a CCTV windshield camera mount. My camera is a Sony Cybershot T90.



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