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    Default Driving Between Washington and LA (Oregon Question)

    Hey everyone, I am driving from North Central Washington to Los Angeles, and had a question about my drive.

    I have the option of either taking a) I-5 south from Portland all the way down, or b) Taking US-97 to NorCal. According to Google Maps, the difference is only 1/2 an hour.

    I have a v1 but no laser protection. Im feeling that 97 would be a better bet because OSP wont be as prevelant (more sheriffs=more radar), but just wanted to see if any Oregonians had some input.



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    Default Re: Driving Between Washington and LA (Oregon Question)

    Don't live or drive there anymore but used too. I've driven both ways several times, in my opinion, you are "safer" taking the interstate than the slow road. The sheriffs and locals, on 97, are more dangerous than CHP. That's just my opinion.

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    Default Re: Driving Between Washington and LA (Oregon Question)

    Highway 97 you will see x band instant on used by the OSP between Biggs Jct and Kalamath falls in Oregon. Highway 97 is the quickest route.



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