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    Default Speed Camera near Raging Waters, San Dimas??

    Hey guys, so I was driving down San Dimas Avenue and I didn't notice a radar speed sign until I got really close to it. It said slow down and I think it said 61 in a 50 zone . It flashed me before I passed it really a speed camera? Some of the locals told me it isn't but I just want to make sure. I heard speed cameras are illegal in CA and there must be a sign within 300 feet of the camera if there is one? I drove back and I didn't see any sign. It was basically one of those digital signs but it had a little opening in the second digit 8 where the flash came out.

    Edit: Apparently theres radar speed signs that flash you to simulate a camera flash to "grab your attention". Is that true? Theres no photo enforcement signs in that area and theres 2 signs for both ways of traffic. Hopefully I'm in the clear.
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    Default Re: Speed Camera near Raging Waters, San Dimas??

    Whatever came of this? I used to live SD and I'm curios.



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