Best Highways/Streets

Highways/ Streets (If you have a Heavy Foot)
1. Garden State Parkway South and North (more south NJ, lucky to see more than 2 troopers the more you go south NJ)
2. I 78 Straight highway usually and (ONLY RADAR)
3. I 287 another amazing highway to keep the foot on the pedal, drive safe of course.
4. Clearview Express way (located in NYC and NEVER ANY TRAFFIC, OH by the way might be Lidar off the bridge).
5. I-87 North or South (All radar at least I think so, but you can run into about 15 Troopers to a trip to Canada like I did).
6. 208 in N NJ Lucky to see a LEO and be in Upstate NY within a half an hr or 40 mins average speed 60MPH

Streets (Low Traffic or NO Traffic in a high volume area) *More formular with Northern NJ and NYC
1. Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, NY you can actually make it to Manhattan within 20 to 30 min, with a little bit of traffic.
2. Nassau Express way to Peninsula Blvd all the way into anywhere you want to go in Nassau County (I LOVE IT)

I was going to write a lot more but I gave up on it. I wrote this to see if any people in NY / PA / NJ / CT especially in NYC/ LI and NJ have ways of getting around traffic when they are traveling. Do they have different ways of getting to there location that some people might not know?

Did you know that people that live in Brooklyn and Queens that take the MTA Bus or Train take longer to get to Manhattan compare to people that take the LIRR or Drive from LI. (Nassau County) Crazy when you think about it.

SO Iíll start off when there traffic on the:

Meadowbrook State I take Merrick Avenue.

Wantagh State Pkwy I take Old Country Road (Hell NO), Hempstead Turnpike (Maybe), Jerusalem Ave (Worth a shot), Southern State Pkwy (Possible), E Seaman Avenue (oh yeah thatís more like it) to W Seaman Ave to Lakeview Ave to Merrick rd that leads you straight into Queens (A lot of lights if you can deal with that).

I Hate Old Country Road and Glen Cove Road and LIE I refuse to take these roads.