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    Default Super Speeding Law In Georgia

    So far the super speeding law in GA has fizzled as the revenue producer they hoped it would. What comes out in this article has NOTHING to do with speeding vs. safety but the fact it's primary purpose is to raise revenue (ha...who didn't know that) for trauma care in the state. LEOs are hesitant to write the tickets because of negative perceptions and they're 100% correct.

    Superspeeder program off to slow start |

    For a "superspeeder" program, the state's plan to raise money for trauma care by increasing speeding fines is off to a slow start, prompting suspicions that it is not being strongly enforced, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

    Beyond that, the program has thus far not been the great moneymaker state officials expected.
    State officials had hoped to raise $24 million or more a year from the increased fees on speeding tickets and reinstated driver licenses, but the program raised only about $2 million in its first year, according to state figures.

    State projections estimated there would be as many as 163,779 superspeeders annually, but the state has sent only 17,104 superspeeder notices to drivers in the first six months of 2010.

    (Click the link for more)

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    Default Re: Super Speeding Law In Georgia

    It's pretty funny they are mad they are not meeting their revenue goals. I would think they would be glad their new law has reduced speeds, LOL. I have feeling cops just feel like D-Bags writing super speeder tickets and reduce the speed on the ticket.

    Adding $200 to a already $300-$500 for going 15 over the psl is harsh.



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