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    Default CA - Sierra foothills I-80

    There's a stretch of eastbound I-80 where CHP hangs out, and these hiding places result in zero chance to eyeball the cruisers lying in wait. With this cover and I/O, you're toast. Also, even with Redline, the amount of surrounding tall vegetation means very little range, due to radar absorption in the foliage.

    There are about 20 of these little sneaky on-ramps, starting from just a few miles east of Auburn, ending near Donner summit.

    In the video, there is a truck towing a large camper trailer about to enter the freeway. You can only make him out in the last seconds before he joins the freeway. So you can imagine a smaller, darker CHP cruiser parked just at the edge of the trees. (Maybe I will try to snag one on video on my next run)

    [ame=]YouTube - CHP Ambush Spots - Sierrra foothills[/ame]

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    Default Re: CA - Sierra foothills I-80

    I can see how this can be a problem.

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    Default Re: CA - Sierra foothills I-80

    I know this area, and your right there are a few areas thru there that are a PITA to spot the CHP's/LEO's. Got to be careful in that zone.



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