DWI Crackdown

FYI: Houston DWI limit is .08. For a 160 lb male that's four 12oz beers for 1 hour to get to .07, after that you go up from there.

Houston (or Texas in general) has been light on DWI enforcement because navigating the city impossible by any other medium than the automobile and the Houston taxi system is expensive, undersized and unreliable. Public transportation is relegated to a small corridor of the inner loop with no useable access to the suburbs. But this new statistic has lit a fire under some butts and they are making a push to get Houston off this list.

Cops can pull you over for any reason they want but typically they will use "no front plate", failure to signal and unsafe lane change as a pretext for a stop.

So my advice. Don't drink at all, but if you do. Do it at home.
If you need to go to a party plan to spend the night. HCSD will be out for blood the next month.