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    I drove the entire state on mon. jan. 9. All the activity was on the PA turnpike!!! I counted 11 traps some within a mile or two of each other!! This is not counting 6-8 cars they had pulled over!!! I would expect this in ohio but man in pa........must have been some kind of sting. Almost 20 cop cars in total. Picked up the K band good except one tricky instant on around a overpass. I almost was toast ops: Most of the activity was from somerset to breezewood stretch. Watch your butt... I have never seen this kind of activity in 12 years of driving in pa.

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    What's that mile marker by Breezewood mm164-167?

    They routinely sit on the right side of the west bound route on the download sloping road the bends to the right.

    Deadly location!

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