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    Default Ankeny Iowa rear laser shots

    Coming home from Des Moines tonight and stoped in Ankeny to grab a burger. going back on I35 there was a trooper parked on the on ramp with his door open leaning out. I assume shooting Laser (which I haven't seen much of in Iowa). My V1 and 9500ci were both silent (but he was likely shooting cars before I got in front of him). Shortly after I got on and merged he went flying by and nabbed a car in front of me. Within 1/8 mile from this point I met a silver Charger (State Patrol also I think) lights on getting someone else. So if driving this area look out.

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    Default Re: Ankeny Iowa rear laser shots

    They are starting to shoot rear in Iowa.A friend of mine just came back from there and told me he got hit twice from the rear.



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