I drove from SLC to Santa Cruz via I-80 on Friday, and coming out of the Sierra near Cisco Grove, I caught sight of a CHP cruiser sitting on an overpass, shooting LIDAR out the window to his right, at west bound traffic. The road descends there, so he can shoot level out his window to traffic coming down the hill, a 1/4 mile before the overpass.

Anyway, I caught site of him for a second, he then drove forward, presumably to get onto the freeway onramp. The shrubbery and trees there hide his visibility until he is nearly onto the freeway. I received no laser alert or radar on Redline, but when I saw him coming onto the freeway, he had his reds on. He was driving pedal to the metal and caught up with a car that was 3 or 4 cars ahead of me, pulled him over.

I never saw this tactic before, he was able to shoot level due to the downhill grade. I'll be looking for this again, maybe catch it on video.