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    Default Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    Hi guys tommorow Im going to Hilton Head SC on vacotion.
    I'll be driving from Atlanta area thru Savannah,is the are any speed traps I should be wary of on I -16 to Sanannah and on I-95 N?

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    Default Re: Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    I went the same way to Hilton Head a few months ago. And saw most of the enforcement in the middle of nowhere between Macon and Savannah on 16. Also the locals in Macon where on the highway running laser. Here's a few video's from that trip I made, I encountered mostly I/O K band. The guy in the first video was super fast, I bet some of those shots would be considered as Q/T. Also check and see where the traps are on your route.

    (Turn the sound up it's hard to hear the first few alerts) This was at exit 90 on Interstate 16.
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    Default Re: Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    That was great video!
    Yes on my last trip to SC I've seen it the radar trap by the wight station near Savannah on I-16
    LEO's were shooting radar on bouth sides of the highway on to traffic.

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    Default Re: Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    The town of Ridgelands SC just started photo radar on I-95 about a week ago.

    I made the trip from Clemson SC to Myrtle Beach today and saw only 1 speed trap, I managed to cut 1 hour off the GPS calculated time and stopped once for gas and once for food!!!
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    Default Re: Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    Hi Y'all (had to say it I'm from KY) - I'm heading to HH in a week - let me kow what you come across!

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    Default Re: Trip to Hiltom Head SC.

    You're going to have plenty of radar enforsment on hwy 278 once you'll get it off from I-95.
    If yo are going to travel on the labor day weekend you will have plenty of enforsment so wach your speed look for police on the side/between the lines.
    I have been twice to Hilton Head SC and Ihave seen it plenty of 34.7 K band on the hwy 278 right toward Hilton Head Island.
    They are using unmark SUV's and Cown Vics so be cerefull.
    I hope this will help,have fun.



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