Congratulations Randolph! You're the first official speed trap in Missouri! Where did all of the money go? Did you blow it at Ameristar Casino? Maybe you should have bought another trailer for your trailer-court? (Court is held in a cramped triple-wide trailer in a gravel parking lot.)

Randolph, I'm here to rub salt in your wounds. Most of those tickets you've been writing OUTSIDE OF YOUR JURISDICTION were illegal stops...and you KNOW it. I hope the state Auditor and Attorney General look into it. The "fresh pursuit" doctrine only applies to serious crimes like felonies, not simple traffic offenses. (and doesn't your department have a 'no pursuit' policy anyway?) You have to write tickets in your OWN tiny jurisdiction. You can't just add a mile on either side of it because it is more profitable.

Profitable, huh...where did all that money go?