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    Default Warning Western Carolina University Campus in Cullowhee, North Carolina (near Sylva)

    Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC (near Sylva, NC) is an abhorrent speed trap. Avoid it at all costs.

    This quaint little college town is notorious for taking money *cough* I mean protecting the public from speeders.

    They set up speed traps all the time. I guess they're just bored sitting around waiting for college students to do something interesting (I mean wrong) so they take it out on drivers.

    Here's the dig. Nearly all of the roads in Cullowhee are designed extra wide and accept large amounts of traffic, but the speed limit is very low. Think: 20--no matter where you are on campus. Even at the edges of campus where almost no students walk the speed goes from 55 to a quick 45 then 20, 45 to 20 or 35 to 20. Trouble is, in North Carolina you loose your license for 30 days if you are caught driving 15mph over the limit. Fifteen over is very easy to do in Cullowhee.

    It is unlikely, because of the natural tendency to not pay as much attention in a familiar environment, that you will remain constantly vigilant about the speed while at school here. This is what just happened to me. I just forgot--plain and simple--because campus is my "home", that the speed is 20 and I found myself passing a cop at near ticketable speeds.

    Honestly, for cops, giving tickets in Cullowhee is like shooting fish in a barrel! And don't expect to get a warning. The police are draconian. You will get a ticket.

    One more tip. They like to give tickets out when students will naturally be gone on summer or Christmas break. That way there is less chance that the person will show up for court.

    Good luck driving here. If I had a son or a daughter I would seriously consider taking their car back home if they wanted to go to WCU or buying them all of these items:
    • A radar detector
    • A GPS device to remind them of the speed AND police locations
    • Maybe a laser jammer

    Good luck and God bless.

    A normal driver
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