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    Default Need vascar locations for Western North Carolina please

    Do you know of any? I am looking for any vascar speed traps near or west of Asheville. I would like enough detail so that I can go on to Google maps and see the lines and then ideally put their locations into my GPS.

    Thanks for the help. You guys are great!

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    Default Re: Need vascar locations for Western North Carolina please

    I have been doing this for VA, but didn't even know NC was doing this type of trap too. Actually, I have been collecting the GPS coordinates of the first and last markings in each trap I find in Google, then I send that information to

    By doing this, it gets added to the database that the Cheetah C50 uses, where everyone who has one can benefit. Once the data is in the C50, it will announce when you are approaching, entering, and leaving the area that is marked for VASCAR. This is working for FL and soon VA as far as I know. I am also looking for others to do this in their own states.

    See my thread for a little more detail on how I have been doing this
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    Default Re: Need vascar locations for Western North Carolina please

    From reading posts on these forums North Carolina is one of the WORST states for vascar traps.

    When I get more information I will definitely forward it on to




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