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Thread: I80 NY to CA?

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    Default I80 NY to CA?

    I'm leaving Sunday AM for a cross country trip. Any special spots to be careful of?


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    In PA it is K band either in constant-on or instant on mode. This is in stationary mode only. Watch out around corners and underpasses they are sneaky.

    In ohio well good luck. This will probably be the worst state by far doing anything....X K Ka Moving and stationary Lots of Laser ... Get the Veil out you will thank me later. One nice thing is the state is flat where you will be traveling and you can usually spot them in the middle of dividers. Night time is a different story.

    Good Ohio it will put a damper on your trip early on if you know what I mean

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    Default \\

    Yeah, Ohio I knew about from all the members on here. It's strange to me since when I did 80 cross country 5 years ago Ohio had about the fastest driving on the trip, and I saw no LEOs. This time I'll keep the speed low in Ohio.

    Anyone further west?

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    Default trip completed, 1 speed trap/300 miles

    Cross country trip completed, no tickets. In case someone is searching, here was what I found. (Retrieved info from, which warned me of one of these. The rest are new.)

    This was a silver Honda CRV with V1, Blinder M20, Veil, and a laser shield.

    EB means the LEO was targetting east-bound traffic, I was west-bound.
    MM means moving mode from other direction

    # State Mile Type My Targetted? How Notes
    Marker Speed Saved
    1 NJ 24 Instant X 85 ? Luck 1 LEO+3 chase cars
    2 NJ 15 X 85 Y Saw him first
    3 PA 95 ? EB
    4 OH 139 Laser 85 Y V1 +M20/Veil/lasershield
    5 OH 52 ? EB
    6 IN 48 Ka Const. EB
    7 NE 213 Instant K 90 Y V1 MM
    8 NV 377 Ka Const. EB
    9 NV 355 Ka Const. 90 Y V1 MM
    10 CA 172 Ka Const. 80 Y V1+traffic

    Note on #4, the V1 alerted to targetting of the car in front of me, giving me ~1 s head start to slow down before he targetted me.
    Note on # 9, this was across a very wide divider, not sure what he was expecting to get since the angle was significant.

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    Default oops

    Sorry about the formatting, I see multiple spaces are converted to 1 space. Well, anyone who is really interested can figure it out.

    The columns are:
    #, State, MileMarker, Type, My Speed, Targetted?, How Saved, Notes

    For EB traps, only the first 4 columns are listed, followed by "EB"




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