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    Default Advise on next trip? GA, SC, and NC

    So on Friday afternoon (Nov 19) I'll be taking a little trip home from college for the holidays. Ill be traveling between the times of 1 pm and 5 pm. A total of 269 miles...any advice on this route? Mapquest has a time of 4hrs and 38 min. Im gonna try to make it on one tank of fuel and in 3.5 hrs or less.

    3. Turn LEFT onto W NORTHSIDE DR/US-25 N/US-80 N/GA-26 N/GA-67 N. Continue to follow US-25 N. 46.3 mi

    4. Turn RIGHT onto US-25/GA-121. 1.8 mi

    5. Turn LEFT onto S LIBERTY ST/US-25/GA-121/GA-24. Continue to follow S LIBERTY ST/US-25/GA-121. 2.1 mi

    6. Turn LEFT onto US-25 N/GA-121 N. 21.8 mi

    7. Merge onto I-520 E (Crossing into SOUTH CAROLINA). 15.1 mi

    8. Merge onto I-20 E toward COLUMBIA. 67.6 mi

    9. Merge onto SC-277 N via EXIT 73B toward I-77 N/CHARLOTTE. 2.3 mi

    10. Merge onto I-77 N via the exit on the LEFT toward CHARLOTTE (Crossing into NORTH CAROLINA). 108.4 mi

    11. Take the NC-150 exit, EXIT 36, toward MOORESVILLE/LINCOLNTON. 0.2 mi


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    Default Re: Advise on next trip? GA, SC, and NC

    Just remember, it's "We want your money" season in NC also known as Click it or Ticket! so be careful.

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    Default Re: Advise on next trip? GA, SC, and NC

    I just took I77 up to charlotte on Nov 5. I would recommend a CB for it, especially during those hours. I had virtually 0 encounters on my trip up there from Columbia. Keep an eye out though, HP and a lot of locals love their I/O, especially oncoming.



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