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    Default Stationary I/O radar on I-40 in North Carolina?

    I go to school at UNCW...I am from the triangle, and make the 2 hour drive from Wilmington to Raleigh on I-40 the entire way a once or twice a month.

    Once I start getting close to Raleigh my V1 has been giving me a solid tone of K-band I/O every so often.

    I finally found what it was (I think). I see what seems to be like little radar guns mounted on poles and signs every time it goes off.....I am guessing these measure the speed of traffic for the DOT or something?

    Anyone shed some more light on what these things are??
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    Default Re: Stationary I/O radar on I-40 in North Carolina?

    Sounds like traffic speed drones. Check out the FAQ for K-band muting. It works great as you still have use of the arrows and does not filter leaving RD less sensitive.

    To see what it does zoom in on Dayton, Ohio area.

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    Default Re: Stationary I/O radar on I-40 in North Carolina?

    That's what they are, it scares the heck out of you!!
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