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    Default Driving from San Diego to Denver

    So I have to ferry my car up to Denver next week, then fly back. Considering that I've got a Nissan Versa sedan and have very little experience driving in snow, I've picked a southern route to get there. Basically as follows:

    I-8 to I-10
    I-10 to the Hatch cutoff (NM 26)
    Hatch cutoff to I-25
    I-25 to Denver

    I'm very familiar with the roads in California and Arizona, but I haven't seen New Mexico at all since 2004. I'm looking for anything and everything you guys know about the roads there. What type of enforcement? How frequent? Most importantly: X-Band? I don't see it listed on the big bands by state thread for highway use, but I also know that NM is basically dirt-poor.

    The only locals I should encounter will be in Deming and Hatch, and any small towns in between on the cutoff. Anyone know what type of enforcement I'll see there? Or is NM one of those states where locals work the freeways along with the state troopers?

    Any help is appreciated. I know CA and AZ like the back of my hand, but I've made a conscious effort to avoid NM ever since getting out here, and I don't really know what I'm getting into there.


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    Default Re: Driving from San Diego to Denver

    from my recent trip, expect CHP on I-10 to be in their polar bear form (All white slicktop CV with only door sticker). They seem to run only those out there, but they tend to run C/O or very sloppy I/O 34.7

    Didnt see any AZ DPS on my trip so I cant comment too much on that, but they usually run 35.5



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