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    Default Western Australia Christmas Blitz

    You have got to love their way of thinking:

    They already "hide behind bushes" so nothing new there. But seriously, if this wasnt "revenue raising" they would have all those officers on the road in high presence. That would stop a lot of the other causes of road accidents such as talking on the mobile phone, cutting people off, tail gating, running stop signs, etc. But here they are targeting the one thing that makes the govt money.

    But i am talking to the converted here

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    Default Re: Western Australia Christmas Blitz

    Its the same here mate. They hide behind bushes here all the time. I had a major LPP save over 2 years ago from one of these kinds of traps but they still try and fob us off with the "We dont want to catch anybody, just slow down", BS .

    Its quite amusing to hear it anyway except for the fact that they actually do hoodwink lots of people with these lies. More fools them .

    If it was about safety, then they would be out in high visibility with yellow hi viz jackets and lights flashing etc and that would work a lot better than hiding in a bush nabbing the occasional driver here and there while no one else ever had a clue they were even there.

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    Default Re: Western Australia Christmas Blitz

    Sad isnt it, saying that, I drove 2500k so far over christmas in west oz and have not passed a single booze bus or speed camera! Alot of country miles, guess they must have been on the freeways near perth.

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    Default Re: Western Australia Christmas Blitz

    Interesting to note also that for the three to four weeks before the' Xmas Blitz' the police presence on our roads was noticeably scarce.
    It is reassuring to see that our brave lads in blue (and green) have come out to party with 'double demerits' and 'hide and seek' tactics.
    Makes the game worth playing, dont you think???

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    Default Re: Western Australia Christmas Blitz

    The Western Australia police have also 'forgot' to publish their inaccurate list of speed camera locations over the festive season. They must be doing a roaring trade. Glad Trapster exists - I got quite a few warning over the last week. Looks like more people starting to using it in WA



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