CHP in Santa Cruz County has stepped up enforcement over hwy 17 summit area. (Of course). As I drove home Christmas night from Santa Clara to Santa Cruz, I saw a platoon of CHP cruisers and downstream a mile or so I saw multiple pull-overs.

One guy clearly not paying attention drove past the parked cruisers going +15 PSL. A CHP cruiser catching up to him, but (as CHP usually goes) giving him a chance to slow down, followed him for a quarter mile, then turning on Ka for a second before lighting him up. They were not running radar when parked, but were visually picking out speeders, then following, then engaging radar. I assume if the guy had slowed and moved over to right lane, he would of escaped the ticket. (This has been CHP's M.O. for a long time, unlike other states where you just get tagged up front).