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    Default Aerial Enforcement in SC?

    On my usual trek to NC, I noted some interesting markings along I-95 in South Carolina. Most lines are the usual quarter mile, but some are very close together and appear immediately after an overpass. I'm not aware of aerial enforcement but maybe I'm behind the times.

    Here are the locations:
    I-95 North: mile marker 24, 73, 111, 149
    I-95 South: mile marker 151, 109, 99, 98 (short lines), 53, 29

    Anyone see these or better yet seen them used in enforcement?

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    Default Re: Aerial Enforcement in SC?

    I have seen these lines all over on I-85 and 385 in the Greenville/Spartanburg area but I have never seen them used for enforcement purposes.

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    Default Re: Aerial Enforcement in SC?

    From my experience with vascar in other states, they definitely look like speed enforcement lines...I tried to find them on google maps and found the ones at milemarker 111 on I-95 north, and they were exactly 1/2 mile apart.

    That being said, according to AOL's yearly article (this one created just a few weeks ago, ) South Carolina doesn't enforce speed limits from the sky. In fact, I don't even see anything on SCHP's website or on the Wikipedia article about SCHP that indicates that they even have airplanes...

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    Default Re: Aerial Enforcement in SC?

    I have noticed in the poor South, some states paint lines or outlines of an airplanes on the pavement but do not use them. The cost of air tracking vs radar/laser on the ground is a lot more which most states refuse to pay that kind of extra money which makes it so rare with cost cutting happening. Only in major speeding stings it is cost effective with high traffic flow around large cities/interstates. Bama uses laser on overpasses on interstate stings with runners hid on the other side. But with vascar around, do keep the eyes looking. Drive safe...



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