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    Default Lidar sighting in new area -- Ventura County

    My suspicions are true! For the longest time, I did not see laser or radar used in my area. Today, I was driving and my Bel RX65, mounted high, alerted to laser! I thought this was either the direct sunlight or some sort of weird false but as I look to the right, I see a local moto cop aiming a PL3 right at my car. Needless to say, I was going PSL so I was fine. Scary!

    Location: Camarillo, Ventura County, CA

    Since Camarillo PD is actually Ventura County Sheriff, this means that laser is used in the cities that VCSD is contracted too! It seems like VCSD uses exclusively laser... at least in Camarillo.

    Drive safe and drive smart everyone!

    EDIT: WTF I Just got a Ka band alert to another local motocop... I was on a freeway overpass so it could have been CHP... but I'm being mind****ed.
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