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    Default My first encounter with Poliscan in MD

    Sunday, I took the wife and kids down to the University of Maryland to watch the Lady Terps play a basketball game vs UVA. As usual, I take I95 south towards 495. Just entering the ICC construction section (between 198 and 212), the Redline alerted to laser for some time. As I looked around, I noticed a white Jeep on the opposite side of the highway (facing NB) with the fixed lights on the front bumper. As I passed the Jeep, my wife noticed that several flashes from the vehicle. I have seen this revenue generation before, but with K band radar, not lidar.

    After searching around on the internet, I noticed that the SHA is using Poliscan in the construction zones.

    Looks like a LI may be in my future.


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    Default Re: My first encounter with Poliscan in MD

    Hope they don't have rear facing Poliscan there. Unlike forward facing, rear facing give no advance warning.



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