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    Default Road trip WI - FL

    Taking a road trip next Sunday from central wi to fl. I'll be going thru illionis, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee then from georgia I'll take 75 down to Miami.

    Getting my li duals installed Saturday accompanied by a v1 and probably trapster. Anything to lookout for..? Thanks fellas!

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    Default Re: Road trip WI - FL

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    Default Re: Road trip WI - FL

    Not sure if your taking 94 through waukesha, milwaukee, racine, kenosha...but if you are, mostly all lidar. Don't forget about the speed camera's when going through IL. That's all I got. Anything further, I fly...

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    Coke-thanks for heads up man. I'll b sure to b on look out for those strips they use for vascar. Also would it b safe to say I can disable x band while in fl..?

    Jm-Yeah it was going to be flying as well for us but tickets got real expensive since it's during spring break week. And decided i wanted to break in my car real good along with the cm I got for it. I'll also be leaving from Madison, so str8 to chicago on downwards.

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    Nice thanks man!

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    That is a heck of road trip. Everytime I go thru Tennessee they have the drug task force TAHOES hidden. They never shoot radar or laser; they just stare at you. Georgia is going to be virtually laser once entering I75N. If its during the day those 3 lanes are going to be packed.



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