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Thread: trip to IL?

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    Default trip to IL?

    I be leaving MN going to Chicago sun mon, I was wondering what radar bands I need to watch for on the way threw WI and IL specked area where speed traps are.

    Be running v1 1.8 software 3.864 any spechial setting I should Have?

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    Default Re: trip to IL?

    WI and IL uses everything except X band. Well, correction, SW WI has some place that still uses X band, same with NW IL, but that really isn't relivant to your trip.

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    Default Re: trip to IL?

    I saw mostly Ka and laser in IL, and a LOT more drones than your V1 would prefer. Configure automuting aggressively, otherwise it'll be an annoying trip.

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    Default Re: trip to IL?

    Quote Originally Posted by DUI Elite View Post
    Most common type you'll see.

    ive seen one of those before... happy i wasn't driving

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    Default Re: trip to IL?

    You will see LIDAR, K, Ka bands both C/O & I/O mostly. Also, pacing is VERY prevalent on IL highways by the state police,
    they use marked & unmarked Chargers, Impala’s & Crown Vic's to pace, so keep an eye in your rear view mirror & before you pass one.

    A few small towns still use X, although not common, I did see this 2x passing through on I-394 near Crete, IL, was NOT a false, saw the GIANT transmitter on a unmarked cruiser dash & a steady ramp up, so recommend you keep X band on for your trip.

    Had I not had X band turned on my 9500ix, would have been pulled over that day by that local cop for 80 in a 55, but picked him up at least a mile away.

    Good Luck & a Safe Trip.



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