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    Default Living in Atlanta -- Turned off K-Band

    Have i gone mad?

    I live inside the city and have for 9 months, my commute is on 85 and 285.
    Always at least 4 lanes of travel in each direction. Never seen a single K-Band threat.

    Before turning off K Band, My V1 stayed muted all the time. I have the bogey lock sound turned off, and my fear was that I could get hit with Ka on a city street (though i have only seen C/O Ka twice, moving) and wouldn't hear it due to K-Band muting. Pressing the mute button one time in my area means the unit remains muted until the car is parked

    Anyone in the city have thoughts on this? Obviously outside of the atlanta area K-Band would have to be turned on.

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    Default Re: Living in Atlanta -- Turned off K-Band

    Never have i run into K band in the metro area. I have run into it on 316 heading to Athens after you leave Gwinnett though.
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    Default Re: Living in Atlanta -- Turned off K-Band

    Through 75/85, I've had a LEO come up from behind with K, but I believe that's the only time I've seen it, it was some local LEO IIRC.

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    Default Re: Living in Atlanta -- Turned off K-Band

    City of Atlanta, what little radar they have is Ka band. There also may still be the odd GSP unit with K band in the Atlanta area, though many patrol cars I saw before I moved were equipped with Ka.

    I know for certain that Sandy Springs PD uses K band. Get more than a few miles outside of I-285 and you're certain to run into some K band as it is still very prevalent in many of the cities/counties in the suburbs.

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    Default Re: Living in Atlanta -- Turned off K-Band

    85 south out of ATL into coweta county and all you will find is K. some also in union city along with 35.5 ka. anything south of 285 and you better have it on. i make the trip from newnan to atl daily - trust me!!!!! especially out on south fulton parkway.



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