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    Are radar detectors legal to use in Bulgaria?

    I am getting conflicting info on the subject. Some say there is no problem, others say the police will go mad if they catch you.

    Can anyone advise?

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    As far as i know radar detectors are LEGAL to use in Bulagaria,unless the laws have changed.

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    Yes, detectors are legal in Bulgaria.

    The only thing that the law prohibits is any devices interfering with speed measuring equipment, i.e. jammers.

    I've been driving for years throughout the country with my old XTR-325 in plain view on the windshield and never had any cop open a word about it even when stopped for routine checks (a common thing around here).
    I wouldn't be surprised if they tried playing some stunt with a foreigner, but legality-wise detectors are definitely completely legal.



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