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    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to get some advice for my trip from Dallas, TX to San Jose, CA.

    I'll be traveling around May 15th, and I just wanted to get your advice on where to keep my eye out for the HWY-Troopers.

    I have a 9500ix, I will be updating it to the latest update so I can get all the traps in the system.

    I'd love to get some advice on traveling on these roads...


    EDIT: Here's the route, I'll probably end up using:

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    eeeeep! you better be wary of QT with your M4 detector (9500IX) in TX. I would use rabbits pretty much the whole way period through NM and AZ. CA should be a bit easier as they tend to use a lot of C/O.

    Still, I would say rabbit or speed limit with your detector.



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