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    Default Rte 13 in Delaware, Rte 168 in VA/NC

    Looking for what the local cops use on Rte 13 in Delaware, what does NC staties/county sheriffs use in NC going to the outer banks

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    Default Re: Rte 13 in Delaware, Rte 168 in VA/NC

    Quote Originally Posted by beefcake
    Looking for what the local cops use on Rte 13 in Delaware, what does NC staties/county sheriffs use in NC going to the outer banks
    In NC beware of troopers using X band. Yes, X band. About 10 years ago I got nabbed by a state trooper using X band in the Outer Banks. They still are using X band because I regularly pass them on I-40 and I-95 using instant on. Be careful.


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    Sussex County Delaware on Rt 13 use mostly Stakler Dual Ka.
    On occasion I have also received hits with Laser and X Band (MPH-K55) near Harrington and Georgetown.

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    I've driven literally all over the world, and the two roads with more speed enforcement than I've ever seen anywhere else is route 13 down the peninsula and route 58 (I believe it is...runs east-west thru Suffolk County) in Virginia.

    On 13 between Dover and the VA line, I remember encountering stationary constant K and the only one of these "legendary" speed traps I've ever abandoned school bus with a trooper shooting laser through a smashed out-window (had to be in DE or MD because I detected it...took the RD off the windsheield whenever I hit VA) and radioing to a marked cruiser down the road. Incredible, never seen anything that clever anywhere else...

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    Well I just got back from my vacation this year, took along my Pro58 this time. So here is what I found out from Pa to NC outer banks and back again.

    PA got hit with K, Ka (K was on the Blue Route (Rte 476)) Ka was I-95 near the Walt Whitman Bridge

    Delaware- Rte 495 DSP shooting Laser, Rte 95 before Rte 1 DSP Shooting Laser, Rte 1 to Rte 13 DSP shooting laser
    Now for the infamous Rte 13 from Rte 1 to Maryland line, every little town local cops shooting laser, Town of Greenwood shooting Laser & Ka from same car. Harrington Shooting Laser, Ka, Seaford Laser, so it seems that the whole state is going to laser and using radar when its dark or in bad weather (rain)

    Maryland The state cops shooting K, and standing in the middle of Rte 13 shooting laser (2 cops doing this)
    Virginia instant on K, Ka, and laser (chesapeake x-way cops with laser) NC K, and Ka by Curituck sheriffs, X by state PD in Nags head/Kill Devil Hills area, K by Dare County sheriff, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head PD's
    Also bay-bridge PD shooting Ka and K

    So it looks like I need a jammer too


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    Down on the outerbanks traveling through Pea Island on Rt 12 towards Hatteras, they use X and K (at least thats what I have picked up. The small towns on that road (waves, salvo, roadanthe) like to run it at night. When they see you coming they drive toward you and wait until they are close then do the instant on thing. Since there is nothing out there except sand dunes there are no falses with X and K so chance are it is officer friendly.

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    JUst got back from driving from NJ to Florida, and thought that taking the
    routes through Delaware would make for a nice change from the undoubtedly
    horrible traffic around Baltimore/DC. Well got nailed by a traffic jam in
    Norfolk: for some ungodly reason I-64 narrows from 5 lanes (incl. an HOV
    lane) down to 2 as you go west-worst highway design I've ever seen.

    Anyway in Delaware (routes 1 & 13) they have traps all over the place,
    including laser-got lit up going IIRC into Milford. Beware when the limit
    drops to 45 heading towards traffic lights. I won't even mention the Va.
    cops, who are certainly doing their share too. So much for my carefree
    day of driving off the beaten path-the bridge-tunnel still made it worth it tho.



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