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    Default Lots of commuting on I90

    Howdy folks,

    Recently we moved to WA, and now I will be doing lots of commuting on I90, across snoqualmie pass (WA).

    I have never used a radar detector before and still doing research on what to buy. But seems like it is very tough and confusing decision :-)

    Please help.


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    Default Re: Lots of commuting on I90

    I live in the Tacoma and have travel through there but you can't go wrong with the V1 or Redline both are awesome detector. Welcome to the forum.

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    Default Re: Lots of commuting on I90

    Be carefull right around Ellensburg (don't bother speeding more than about 6-8 over- they use VASCAR - I know from experience...

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    Default Re: Lots of commuting on I90

    If the area is not densely populated, the Valentine 1 would be an ideal pick given its sensitivity. However, for things such as VASCAR, common speed traps using instant-on radar in very remote areas, red light cameras, and certain speed cameras, the Escort 9500ix is likely the best pick as it is not only a radar detector but it is also a GPS driven unit that alerts to common places where speed is measured off of a database (that costs a yearly fee), as well as areas in which you mark itself. The GPS also helps reduce false alerts. However, the 9500ix does not have anywhere near the sensitivity, speed, or range of the two 'extreme performance' models such as the Escort Redline and Valentine 1. The Valentine 1 (often called the V1) is the best system currently out for certain types of 'burst' radar and it is also the best (window unit) for detecting laser (AKA LIDAR). The Redline has a very different platform base. Both units do things the other cannot do. I personally love the V1 over the Redline, but the (very much so) differing user interfaces each have their pros and cons, and each driver has their preferences. If you are on a budget, go for a Bel RX-65 refurb or Escort 8500 X50 refurb (they are VERY similar units from the same parent company and both perform better than 98% of all other products on the market). I've seen them refurbed for $150 and you can sometimes find ones in like new condition for $100+/- on flea-bay. If you are on a real budget, check out a used Escort was one of my first detectors a little over a decade ago and still today, it works well for most can get like new models for $50+/-.



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