State trooper suspended in wake of traffic stops
July 13, 2011 16:29 EDT
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- The North Carolina Highway Patrol has
suspended a trooper without pay for policy violations after an
investigation into a pair of traffic stops that led to claims of
mistreatment and false arrest.
In a statement released Wednesday, the patrol said Trooper
Andrew Smith was given a four-day suspension effective immediately.
Hoyt Tessener complained that Trooper Edward Wyrick wrongly
arrested his wife on a drunken driving charge after she left a
formal dinner in Wilmington on June 21. Two breath-analysis tests
showed no alcohol in her system.
Tessener was later stopped by Smith as he tried to follow Wyrick
to the magistrate's office. The patrol found Smith traded vulgar
messages with Wyrick about the Tesseners and that Smith failed to
cite Hoyt Tessener for speeding as he followed Wyrick's patrol car.