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    Default I-80 Utah, Wyoming, Nevada

    I've checked the sticky thread about bands/enforcement types used, but how often do drivers encounter speed traps along I-80 through these states? Are there any areas in particular that are more heavily enforced than others?

    Last summer crossing North Dakota and Montana I only ever saw traps in/around cities; I'm curious if it's a similar situation along 80. As always, I appreciate any and all info!

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    Default Re: I-80 Utah, Wyoming, Nevada

    Light enforcement in Wy near cities of Rawlings, Cheyenne, Fort Bridger, Rock Springs. All I have seen is ka 34.7 and some local Sheriffs running k-band. Highway patrol like to hide in the median just over the crest of hills and blast instant on. Enforcement varies, I have driven entire route on 80 and seen only 1 or 2, other times 6-8.



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