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    Default PSP--End of an era....

    It looks like the Federal Signals Vector/Vision light bars are on the way out. I've had an opportunity to drive past my local barracks a few times over the past week or so and every time I do there are more marked CVPIs equipped with low profile LED bars so it looks like they've decided on the new lightbar from the multi-vendor trial they completed last year around this time. I'm guessing it'll be a slow phaseout as new cruisers are put into service.

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    Yep...they chose Whelen.

    Only new vehicles are being outfitted with them...any old vehicles that have broken lightbars may also be replaced with the new bar. As the old cars are phased out, the old lightbars will be as well.

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    LED light bars are an abomination. At night, I can't see anything around or in front of them except glare until I'm almost the whole way past the cruiser.

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    If you really want to make some money come up with a light bar that does not blind the drivers who are also on the road.

    This is going to be a big issue down the road. (trust me)

    The new lights are causing traffic accidents, especially at night. Biggest complaint--They are just two bright or to much of a reflection is being bounded off the rain or snow soaked roads.

    I was always guilty of not turning on my siren. I could not stand that efing sound.
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