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    Default New PA Bulletin for speed timing devices

    Still no moving mode or lidar.

    Old one: PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 10-2473

    New one:PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 11-2256

    Genesis-II Select, Raptor RP-1, and the Scout Handheld are the new guns added to the list.

    The Genesis-II Select can be K directional or KA. Raptor RP-1 can be directional K or KA. Both of the guns are dash mounted and are supposed to be very quick at aquiring speeds. The Scout Handheld looks kinda cheap for a battery handheld but is directional and has the fastest mode. Appears to be K band.

    Looks like the enradd and vascar stuff stayed the same.

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    Default Re: New PA Bulletin for speed timing devices

    With low tax revenues and tight budgets these days, and a governor who seems intent on reducing the role of PSP in many enforcement roles, one wonders how many new RADAR units will be purchased. Doubtful it will be the more expensive 2 and 3 piece moving mode capable units. A Falcon HR is about half the cost of most of those and should be good enough.

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    Default Re: New PA Bulletin for speed timing devices

    Agreed. Also, use of the Falcon HR has exploded on the N.E. extension. It's all I see now.

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    Default Re: New PA Bulletin for speed timing devices

    Ka is alive on some spots on Pa turnpike.
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