I did some serious digging tonight and found the contract governing the certification and maintainance of state-owned speed detection equipment as well as the purchase of new equipment through March 31st, 2006. Keep in mind that this is at the state level, meaning that there may be (and almost certainly is) additional equipment in local arsenals. For your viewing pleasure, the list (numbers indicate quantity if available):

Stalker LZ-1
Stalker LZ-2 (is there such a thing?)
LTI 20-20 (64)
LTI 20-20 Ultralyte LRB
LTI 20-20 Ultralyte 100 LR
Kustom ProLaser III

Stalker DSR1 Ka
Stallker DSR2 Ka
Stalker Dual 1 Ka
Stalker Dual 2 Ka
Stalker ATR Stationary Ka
Stalker ATR Moving Ka
Stalker Basic Moving K
Stalker Basic Stationary K
CMI SP-5 (19)
Decateur (120)
Kustom KR-10
Kusto KR-10SP (66)
Kustom KR-11 (9)
Kustom TR-6 (2)
Kustom Eagle Plus Ka
MPH K-35 (19)

VASCAR Model 1 (91)
VASCAR Model 2 (27)
Kustom Track Time + Distance
Kustom SkyTimer (3)

Contract document: http://www.das.state.ct.us/Contracts/990_0158.pdf