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    Default How much is radar still used?

    Particularly in Minnesota if you know. Is it overpoweringly laser-based speed trapping or is there still enough radar out there that I need a V1? I really hate to spend $1000 to avoid a $100 speeding ticket maybe twice in my life.

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    Default Re: How much is radar still used?

    Why take the chance on insurance hikes. Also radar is still use alot as budgets are tight and police department dont have the money to buy the expensive lidar guns.

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    Default Re: How much is radar still used?

    Well I guess I'll save another $500 before I decide to go over 55 again.

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    Default Re: How much is radar still used?

    if the ticket is only 100 then they can find bigger fish ....
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    Default Re: How much is radar still used?

    Towns that have gone even...say...30% LIDAR are rare in my estimate. Radar is very effective, fast, relatively cheap, and well-protected as a precedent in most any courtroom. I'm seeing tons of radar from validated speed traps and I imagine it will continue for some time. No doubt, LIDAR is newer (1989 vs the 1940's) and has more gee-whiz-factor, but radar gets the job done and pulls in the revenue. Plus radar has a few features that you can't do with LIDAR (and vice-versa for LIDAR).

    The motorcycle cops in my town run both LIDAR and radar (most always LIDAR when they're stopped) and the patrol cars have only radar installed, but they can check out one of a few LIDAR guns in the dept. (yeah...I called and asked).

    But overall, I get shot with radar 10-times more than I do with LIDAR.

    I do like the $400-500 A-List-Big-Dawg radar detectors, the V1, Redline, STI Mag...and even the 9500/GX65 series. The last one is not ultra sensitive, but it's just a different animal with the GPS going on.

    But don't discount the 2nd tier $150-300 detectors as they're quite good. 8500 X50, Vector series, RX65, 78SE, and 690-series. The Vector 940 is the bang-for-the-buck, but the Vector 955 adds in a no-x-band option that's my value choice.

    And Escort's new "Live" networked solution is quite the game-changer.

    There is no 3rd-tier in RD's as they just go to garbage after that.

    A radar detector is just another sensor..same as your eyes, your ears, and the tachyon-detector-that-Mr.Data-seemed-to-always-use. But my little RD has paid for itself....and the bike.

    When it comes to LIDAR...
    A "detector" will be too late if you're shot with LIDAR. Your only protection against LIDAR is a laser temporarily jam the LIDAR for 2-4 seconds until you slow down and flip the switch to allow the officer to get a reading.
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    Default Re: How much is radar still used?

    It depends on what part of the country you are in. When I used to live in the Atlanta area, radar had become increasingly rare. It wasn't that departments didn't have it, it was just that they didn't use it very frequently compared to laser. Most of the Cobb County PD cruisers were equipped with Ka band radar but it was pretty rare to see them running it (made me wonder why they bothered installing it in as many cruisers as they did), but they'd have laser traps set up all over the place.

    Now I have moved to N Mississippi (just south of Memphis actually) and I very seldom see laser being used except by the TN state patrol and occasionally the Memphis PD. All of the PDs in the county I live in use nothing but radar, and most use it in constant on mode about 95% of the time. You'd have to be driving like a moron to get a ticket around here if you have a decent detector, in which case you probably deserve to get one.



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