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    Default Spectre found in Northern VA (Arlington)

    I was kinda torn on whether to post this in the Spectre forum or in the local forum. Here is my best guess, and if I'm wrong...MODS please move to correct area.

    Damn nearly soiled my boxers after I saw this! Was walking by an Arlington county cruiser, just happened to look in the window, and there was a Spectre in the windshield. For all the locals, it was found in 22207, only 10min. outta DC. I have never seen a Spectre this far north, let alone it be in a county police vehicle and not a state police vehicle.

    The pix are kinda grainy since all I had was my cell phone, and it was a really bright & sunny day. The sun was reflecting off the windows pretty bad. But, you can totally make out the distinct Spectre shape. It was funny the LEO had it upside down, I could only guess the reason was because the control knob would be closer to the driver side!?

    So for the few up here that are running around with a V1, be careful when entering Arlington. Especially on I66 E. into DC.
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    Default Re: Spectre found in Northern VA (Arlington)

    What a rare find!?! Seems like the locals need to make a few more $$$s too.


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    Default Re: Spectre found in Northern VA (Arlington)

    can anyone tell what specific model spectre this is?

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    Default Re: Spectre found in Northern VA (Arlington)

    I'm sure that they don't catch many RD's. I read were a county in the northwest part of Virginia with I-81 running through it caught only 54 drivers with RD's in a 2 year period. I know people that never seen a radar detector.

    I wish that Virginia would repeal the RD ban.



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