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    Default NYPD 115th PCT Caught Shooting K Band!!!

    Whats up people, I was rather surprised today to find a precinct cop from the 115 precinct shooting K band radar with a portable gun from outside the car. He was hiding behind the fence of the bus depot on 23rd Ave. I saw him with the gun hiding behind the fence, made a U-Turn and hooked up my detector. I was going to take a video of it but he quickly caught someone and pulled them over before I could do so. This is the first time I've ever seen a precinct cop shoot radar on a local street. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up who may frequent this area. He would of got me for sure because my V955 falses like crazy on the nyc streets with K band because of all the door openers and ****. NYPD Highway from my encounters run KA Band and so do the troopers and sheriffs in long island.

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    Default Re: NYPD 115th PCT Caught Shooting K Band!!!

    Thank you for the info!



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