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    Default Montgomery County - MD

    I live in Silver Spring. Montgomery County is going ape with speed cameras. They are even upgrading existing traps from radar to laser plus employing portable laser (and radar) box units chained to telephone poles that they move around like a shell game. They also have installed something I've not seen before (E. Randolph Road between Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues). It's a camera and flash on top of a pole at a traffic light intersection about 15 feet high. I can't get a radar or laser detection from it so I don't know what it is.

    I think they are moving to all laser because they know people are more aware of and will likely buy radar detectors than laser detectors and they want to keep making their money.

    It's best to at least have a Valentine in your car for laser alerts to these things if you live and drive in Montgomery County. Even though they shoot from behind, you can usually get a signal from the opposite side of the road when approaching a trap.

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    I know in Bowie all there speed cameras are laser. DC still uses radar but its only a matter of time. There are so many speed cameras in this area its not even fun. I was on the Wilson Bridge rolling with an AMG Mercedes, we took the 295 exit north and right on the DC border (@ the water treatment plant) my V1 blows up. 2 Boogies. DC has installed cameras (in those nice metal boxes) each way on a highway, where its so easy to roll 70, 75. and they say its all for safety, to protect the bike riders and pedestrians. There are no pedestrians or bicycle riders on that part of the highway. GPS won't even do you any good if what you say is happen with the roving cameras. i came up with an idea to mess with DC. I'm so tempted to get one of those automatic license plate covers, that you can cover the plate with a flip of a switch. To make it even better, when the cover flips down I will put tape on it that says DC SUX or something similar, but won't mention because this is a family forum. LOL Big Brother Sux

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    Check out this article from WTOP regarding Montgomery County.

    18 new speed camera zones coming to Montgomery Co. -



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