Wow, took the family on a trip to the beach (eastern shore of MD) and ran into a ton of lidar traps and radar.

First, the Delaware police (not just the staties) had 2 lidar traps on SB 113. One trap, I believe it was the Georgetown police, were set up just north of the Walmart shopping center, painting all of the vehicles heading south towards the beach. Dynamic duo sitting in a business driveway, perpendicular to the traffic flow, both in marked cars.

Next was the usually fish in a barrel spot at the Woodlawn Memorial cemetery on SB 113, between Georgetown and Millsboro. My wife said she counted 8 LEOs camped out ready to chase. The LEOs already had a few customers on the side of the road awaiting their donation fees.

Going home, I was hit with 3 moving Ka 34.7 alerts on what used to be an old farm road; seems like my short cut that I had used for the last 20 years is getting more attention and use. Two of the shots were I/O! Funny about the first one; I spotted him and said to my wife, "look, at state police officer ahead." No sooner did I finish my sentence and BAM full on I/O alert. Second LEO hit me as soon as he turned off of the side road onto my "old farm road." Again, I saw him in plenty of time. He was about 10 minutes behind the first LEO. The last alert on this stretch of road was a state LEO running C/O; Redline picked him up way before I had a visual.

Lastly, since the traffic heading home was backed up, I saw the MD state police on the EB side of 50 using lidar. Just past the "Outlets" set up near Carmichael road. Still using the trusty PL3; I watched him for a few minutes because I couldn't move due to the traffic. Another dynamic duo, both with unmarked Crown Vics.

Don't you just love all of the "special attention" for the Labor Day weekend?