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    Default Re: NYPD caught shooting rear lidar!!!!

    Im assuming these sightings are falling under the NYPD Highway Patrol division?

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    Default Re: NYPD caught shooting rear lidar!!!!

    It's only getting worse.
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    Default Re: NYPD caught shooting rear lidar!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hugo2x View Post
    Yeah, I think rear laser is a bit unethical. A cop shooting you in the back? Not sporting at all. I've seen it done here before in DFW. Thats why you have to run WAZE on your phone.
    Shooting him in the back was not very sporting of you Sheriff. Sheriff: Well, if he wanted sporting, he should not have come to my town.

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    Default Re: NYPD caught shooting rear lidar!!!!

    You forget. It's not about safety. Its about collecting money from people going about there normal lives. You often see local town cops out on freeway (Toll way rarely) collecting $$ to justify there jobs. This is common place in Ohio and Michigan. If it was about safety they would be working school zones or problem (accident) area's of there own town.

    I recently saw new speed enforcement tool, a laser gun tied to camera(Most often shooting from rear(not all states have front plates). You get ticket in the mail. I know Arizona uses something like this. Not sure what other states use this. I believe this lidar / camera combo was from Laser Alley group. My 2 cents worth



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