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    Default I-95 - NY to NJ (Bridge)

    First of all, a) Is radar or laser ever used in this area around the bridge between these 2 states on I-95? And, b) Is this bridge a toll bridge ... to cross from NY to NJ or vice-versa? Thanks.

    Will be hauling as much a$$ through this area as possible real soon!

    - Jason (a.k.a. JyRO)

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    That's called the George Washington Bridge. For a two-axle vehicle (regular car) it's a $6 cash toll ($4 if you have EZ-Pass), but only heading into NY. Going back to NJ, there is no toll. For a full list of New York City area toll rates, click here.

    I roll that bridge every day. It's useless to have a radar detector there. I *always* get four or five constant signals on X and K band showing up in the "expert" mode on my X50. I occasionally see a Port Authority patrol car (treat him as a state trooper) on the right side of the road heading back to NJ. He may be running radar, he may not. With all the microwaves flying around at that location, it's impossible to tell if he's got radar or not.

    On I-95 in New York, expect Ka and laser from the (rare) state trooper, and K, Ka, and laser from (much more common) NYC and Westchester County police. Yes, NYC locals have laser. They have motorcycles and white Impalas. On the New Jersey side, you can expect just laser and X-band radar from state troopers, as long as you stay on the NJ Turnpike. Once you get off the 'pike, every band is in play.

    I've never seen an actual speed trap on the bridge itself, just on the roads right at either end of the bridge. On the other hand, all the bridges and tunnels in this area are under major video supervision, so don't be a total loony.

    Hope this helps. Drive safely!

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    they sometimes shoot Ka on i-95 southbound right before the highway splits between upper and lower level lanes for the upcoming GW bridge. this is pretty rare, but with all the potholes and trucks i dont think you will be doing much speeding. good luck

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    Default New Jersey Turnpike & Garden State Parkway

    Has anyone out there had any better or worse luck using the Car Only lanes vs. the Cars, Busses and Trucks lanes on the NJ Turnpike?

    Do the police tend to monitor one more often than the other?

    Also, what can you tell me about the Garden State Parkway in Northern NJ? Is there much laser action on there?

    One more quesiton, how would you know if they are using laser, has your detector picked it up while you were doing the limit, or have you been ticketed?




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