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    Default Live in NC (North Carolina) got photo radar speeding ticket in Washington DC--points?

    Thanks for the help in advance. I have searched the forums for about 15 minutes using the search feature and am unable to find the answer to these questions.

    I got a ticket in Washington DC for 62 in a 50 on Interstate 295 (no I wasn't on an exit ramp, just the regular interstate; I had my V1 off because radar detectors are illegal in DC). Yes, the posted speed limit is actually 50; I was able to find that information out on a DC website for that particular section of road. NO WONDER THEY HAVE A SPEED CAMERA THERE!!!

    It was a photo radar ticket that arrived to me at my home in North Carolina. Yes, it is my car and it is a good photo shot; there is not any wiggle room to blame other cars or circumstances that I can see.

    This ticket says I will not get points in DC (who cares!), but I have been unable to figure out if NC will give me points (it is a harsh State).

    Question #1: I KNOW that NC gives points for out-of-state violations, but does NC give points for out-of-state PHOTO SPEED RADAR VIOLATIONS? Anybody have experience with this? I have been reading NC laws and the NCDMV website, but I have become frustrated at the lack of clarity so I am posting here.

    Question #2 (ALREADY ANSWERED): Do insurance companies (I have Amica) care about photo radar speeding ticket points? Answer: I called them. Yes they care, but they waive the first speeding ticket. If I get another SPEEDING ticket (not red light, etc) within 3 years BOTH tickets go on my license.

    Question #3: If I got the ticket reduced to only 9 over would this eliminate it from NC and/or my insurance company? Anyone have experience with this?

    Question #4: OR is this a--its better to pay a lawyer and make it disappear situation?

    Many thanks!
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