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    Default SpeedInfo Drones Changed Frequency? Do I no longer need TSR In WA State?

    Hello fellow drivers,

    I pulled one of my older detectors out of the garage this past week, here in Olympia, WA. I have a GX65 Pro, which I originally stowed for out of state trips because without TSR the I-5 Corridor from Seattle to Olympia was basically a false-alert-fest. Well I went driving again and left it in the car, putting my X50 away. I did not receive any of the usual K-Band false alerts that originally drove me to buy a TSR capable Escort.

    I ran I5 from Oly to Tacoma, Highway 3 - Bainbridge Island. I originally thought, well this detector must need a repair, its so quiet. But I had two verified LEO encounters on both K and KA band, which were detected at great distance.

    Anyone else in WA State with any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my rant!

    Edit: the info on the radar drones themselves still states they use 24.125ghz K Band.
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