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    Question Illinois K Band on highways - V1 Upgrade worth it

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone knew about all the K band that floats around on Illinois highways. I frequent the "triangle" of I-80, I-55, and I-39 as well as the Chicago expressway quite a bit.

    My V1 is always alerting on K Band - out in the middle of absolutely nowhwere. No police around, and none of those god awful digital road signs with the visible antenna horn on them.

    V1 offers an upgrade for my detector that says it adds a feature that will allow me to program it to ignore alerts used by the "SpeedInfo" system which is K band. When I go to the speedinfo system website, Illinois is not listed as one of their partners / covered highways. It also adds the ESP capabilities to work with better accessories.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what these K band alerts are, and if upgrading my V1 to the latest release will help in any way with eliminating these false alerts. The V1 is practically useless in Illinois right now as it's constantly going off and I've always got it turned down so I can hear my radio or have a conversation.

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    Default Re: Illinois K Band on highways - V1 Upgrade worth it

    I've been getting the same problems with our V1, and not just in Illinois. It seems like about 25% of the big trucks on the interstates, will give me a K band alert that's identical to a patrol car with the K band radar constantly on. Pretty strong, too. Not sure how to stop it, but it's so bad I had to turn the volume down to 0 and just look at the lights, driving across Ohio and Indiana on the interstates last week.



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